To begin, women in Thailand  were once seen as only a housewife that strictly obeyed her husband.  The men were and still are considered the head of the household. It wasn't uncommon for men of high power to have multiple wives. An example of how superior men were is when a boy baby was born they would lay a pencil and slate next to it and when a girl baby was born they would lay a needle and thread next to it.  Which means the role for the boy was to become a man of knowledge and the girl to be a good housewife (Thailand, 2012). Growing up boys were sent to the temple to learn and girls would stay home to learn how to become a good housewife.  Marriages were only arranged ones by their parents.  Women in the world  today work along side of men as well as care for their families ( BBC, 2012). They are no long restricted to one purpose and  many women still take pride in caring for and make their husbands happy. Women now play an important role in society and family.  On the contrary, many women today are asked for their husbands consent before doing things such as applying for a loan or buying land. (CIA, 2012)  With that said their is still discrimination again women but on a lower level then what to use to be. Men are still considered superior in Thailand like many other countries around the world.  They have come along way but there are still many issued that need to be addressed and changed for the sake of human rights. 
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Interesting to discover that at one time the men had multiple wives.

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Wow Thailand is so beautiful I did not realize how reach and diverse culture is throughout the world. I did not know anything about it and now I just learned about population ,climate and the traditions that they thrive on. I actually have a teacher from there and it was cool to see where people you know are from.

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